I’m reading up for the VCP5-IaaS exam witch I hopefully should pass at VMWorld 2012 in Barcelona 🙂 Update: I passed the VCP5-IaaS or VCP-cloud as is call, I have done a small post on my Exam experiences I will try to post all the resources I can find in my research. Here are some great blogs on how to build you’re own vCloud homelab witch is a must for all who is taking the VCP5-IaaS Exam. There are no class requirement for the VCP5-IaaS but you have to be a VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 and then pass the VCP5-IaaS exam. There is a course from VMware on deploy and manage vCloud Director but it is not required. Home Labs Blogs: Mike Laverick has a super 4 parts blog post on how to build a “Man Cave” VMware vCloud Director Cell Architecture In the VMware KB you can find a super cool diagram that illustrates the vCloud Director cell architecture. Stopping, starting, or restarting the VMware vCloud Director service This VMware KB shows you how to stop and start vCloud Director, usefull and must know stuff. Allocation Models for Organizations using vCloud Director This VMware KB talks about the Allocation Models in vCloud Director  vCloud Director Networking for Dummies Fantastic article about vCloud Director Networking by Massimo

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  1. Thanks for the study guide and tips. I am considering to study and take this exam myself.
    Have you been on any customer assignments yet?

    • Gert K says:

      You are wellcome 🙂 No, but I soon will be implementing it. I’m involved in a project based on vCloud starting this summer.

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