VCAP-CID – Identify and Categorize Business Requirements14. March 201314. March 2013Gert Kjerslev
The Business Requirements can vary from business to business so to get an idea of what a given business could require of a cloud service here is and example:
  • Capacity to support 1000 virtual machines with a predefined workload.
  • Must be secure for multi-tenancy to permit more then one organization to share compute resources.
  • A self-service portal where Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can be consumed form at catalog of predefined applications (vAPPs).
  • A chargeback mechanism that allows resources to be methodically allocated, their consumption metered, and the associated cost provided back to the appropriate consumer.
There can ofcource be many other requerments for any given busniess but this is some of them.  

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