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No log truncation on SQL 2012 with Veeam B&R

Today I had a SQL 2012 server with a log drive there was running full. Veeam 7 is setup with application awareness, and should truncate the log for all databases. But to my big surprise it did non of the kind. The scarey part is that Veeam did not repport any errors in the backup status/history log. It turns out that there is a KB on veeam’s website, pointing out that the local SYSTEM account do not have permissions to trunkate the log’s. So you will have to give the SYSTEM account these right on the SQL server from the SQL managment studio.
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Veeam error vm is disconnected

So to day a had a customer which Veeam 6.1 B&R show a lot of errors. The error show was: Error: VM ‘SERVERNAME’ (ref: ‘vm-144’) is ‘Disconnected’ The source and the destination where fine, so I¬†decided to see if the Patch 1 for veeam 6.1 was installed and it was not. The install process is the same as with 6.5 patch 1. After the patch was installed and the backup ran successfully again. ūüôā You can download the patch 1 for Veeam 6.1 from veeam’s website.
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How to backup VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (VCSA) with Veeam

When you use Veeam to backup a vCenter cluster that is running on vSphere 5.x VCSA, there is a chance you will get an error when trying to backup the VCSA it self. This only applies when you have Enable VMware tools quiescence in you backup job. One way to backup the VCSA is to make a separate job for the VCSA and uncheck “Enable VMware tools quiescence” in this job. Another way is to disable it from within the eg. “cluster backup job”.
First Edit the job containing the VCSA in the step called “Guest Processing” click the “Advanced” button.

Gratis Veeam Backup & Replication v6

Hvis du er¬†VMware¬†vExpert, VMware Certified Professional (VCP), VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) eller VMware User Group (VMUG) member kan du f√• en gratis, et √•rs, 2-socket NFR version af Veeam Backup & Replication v6. Udfyld skemaet p√• denne side og modtag en licens n√łgle. Du kan download Veeam Backup & Reolication her