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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update comes with SSH build-in – Is putty dead?

 Today I found out that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (10.0.16299), come with a new optional feature, OpenSSH! To install this go to Settings App > Apps > Settings & Apps > Manage Optional Features > Add Feature and select the OpenSSH Client Beta. After installing you can type SSH in a command prompt to use SSH “native” in windows 10. Nice feature Microsoft. I will definitely use this, but I think that putty offers some other functionality that I cannot find in OpenSSH.

Using iTerm for access remote SSH to vSphere

At work I use mostly a PC, but at home I use Mac OSX. Therefor I also used Mac OSX terminal to SSH in to my home lab. But I found some shortcomings to the build-in terminal application i OSX. A friend pointed me in the direction of iTerm, and sayed I should have a go at it. So I did. Some of the problems I had with the build-in terminal application was that ESXTOP looks something terrible. But in iTerm all that just went a way. Also iTerm has some cool features like Mouseless Copy, find-on-page search and much more. It free, but I will encourage you to donate if you decide to use it. You can get iTerm from iterm2.com Try it out and let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Thank!
Mac OSX build-in terminal application running ESXTOP:
ESXTOP - MAC OSX terminal
iTerm running ESXTOP:

Fast way to list all HBAs in vSphere ESXi

Here is a quick way to identify a storage adapter in you’re vSphere ESXi host. In my example it’s a SAS adapter.Use putty and this command to list all the storage adapters in your system: esxcli storage core adapter list list_hba  

Direct Console User Interface adgang til ESXi 5 med SSH

En cool feature man kan med ESXi 5 er at tilgå DCUI (Direct Console User Interface), den konsol du ser på den fysiske skærm på din ESXi 5 host, via putty. For at kunne dette skal der dog lige åbnes op for DCUI og SSH adgang i ESXi 5’s nye firewall.                     Når dette er gjort, oprette man en SSH adgang via putty til sin host, logger på, skriver DCUI prompten.             Du vil nu blive møde af DCDI skærmbilledet som du kender.             Tryk F2 og login.             Herefter kan du bruge konsollen som du vil havde gjort ved din fysiske ESXi host.             Når man er færdig med konsollen, kan man hoppe tilbage i shell mode med CTRL+C    

SSH adgang efter opgradering til ESXi 5.0

SSH konfiguration bliver kun bevaret ved en opgradering fra ESXi 4.1 til ESXi 5.0. Hvis man har en ESX 4.x eller en ESXi 4.0 host bliver SSH adgang disabled under opgraderingen. Efter opgraderingen kan du enable SHH igen fra direct console.