Fast Active Directory object recovery tip for Veeam

The other day I had a customer who had deleted a active directory user by accident. The customer was running some Windows server 2003 DC so no AD recycle bin. So on to veeam for the restore, it took a very long time to complete all the steps, also you have to go to the enterprise manager to approve the restore lab, and then you can go back and start the restore. But I got at tip from @poulpreben over a Veeam Denmark (Thanks!). To skip the approval part in the enterprise manager, you just have to right-click the sure-backup job and choose “Active directory wizard” this will get you directly to the part where you can restore the deleted user, another tip is when you are looking for a deleted user you can just type (DELETED) in the search box, this will return all deleted users. I hope this can help you in any form or way. Please drop a comment below in the discussion box, if you have any tips for restoring AD objects with Veeam. Thanks!

Installing vCloud Usage Meter step-by-step

In this post I will go through the steps needed to setup VMware vCloud Usage Meter (v.3.2). The vCloud Usage Meter is used to collect and generate reports for VSPP’s to send back to VMware for monthly billing of usage. You will first need to download the vCloud Usage Meter virtual appliance in OVA format from VMware here you can also get the User Guide. When you have the appliance, use the vSphere client to delopy the appliance but first you will have to make a IP Pool for the appliance.
Go to the datacenter -> IP Pools tab and click add and fill in the default gateway and subnet mask on the IPv4 tab, do not set “Enable IP Pool”.pic1           
On the DNS tab fill in the DNS setting for you’re setup.

Could not connect to VCSA port 7331

When rebuilding my lab and installing VCSA 5.5, I notes that after a reboot of the VCSA I could no longer connect to my VM’s via the web clients console. I just got a webpage saying; Could not connect to VCSA_Address:7331. As I’m using the VCSA in my lab and with my clients I was a bit disappointed. VMWare has the KB2060604 that solves this problem, but I think that the “fix” should be in all my VCSA setups and therefor this post. Maybe VMware should insert the one line, “set.default.VMWARE_JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jre-vmware” into the wrapper.conf found in the folder/usr/lib/vmware-vsphere-client/server/wrapper/conf, by default? so this issue not occurs if the VMWARE_JAVA_HOME environmental variable is not properly set after restarting the vCenter Server Appliance. Hobe this will help you as well, please leave a comment below.

Free VMware Certified Associate (VCA) exam vouchers ends 31th January 2014

You can still take the VCA exam and use the 50% off voucher from Rasmus Haslunds blog. VMware provides free traning for this exam. The VCA is perfect for anyone starting out with VMware.

No log truncation on SQL 2012 with Veeam B&R

Today I had a SQL 2012 server with a log drive there was running full. Veeam 7 is setup with application awareness, and should truncate the log for all databases. But to my big surprise it did non of the kind. The scarey part is that Veeam did not repport any errors in the backup status/history log. It turns out that there is a KB on veeam’s website, pointing out that the local SYSTEM account do not have permissions to trunkate the log’s. So you will have to give the SYSTEM account these right on the SQL server from the SQL managment studio.
I hope this will help you in some way, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading this!

The road to MCSE: Server Infrastructure (Passing 70-410 Exam Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012)

I have decided that I would go for the MCSE: Server Infrastructure, I have be focusing on VMware for a long time now, and I feel it is time to have a look af Microsoft new certification program. The MCSE is no longer called Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. It’s called Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. MCSA has also been changed, and is now called Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and not Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. Microsoft has also made an effort by making the certifications with more focus on core competencies for each of the MCSE’s. To become a MCSE you must pass five exam’s, after passing the first three you will become MCSA for Windows Server 2012, this is also a prereq for the MCSE. Below I have listed all the exam needed to become MCSE: Server Infrastructure. MCSA Prereq Exams: MCSE: Server Infrastructure Prereq Exams: I will try to give you, in this post and the ones to flow, all the resources I have found and what to watch out for on the exam to the extend that will not violate the Microsoft Certification Program Agreement. My study resources: When I have taken the 70-410 Exam (and passed it hopefully 🙂 ), I will update this post with a list of the topics that you should be aware of. I will try to focus on some of the new stuff i Windows Server 2012, as well as Hyper-v. But all in all I look at the Skills being measured, and go in depth with the topics that not are my strong sides. Also by learning the material properly you will stand stronger in passing the test. I hope this wil help in any way with you 70-410 exam. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more posts in my road to MCSE: Server infrastructure. Update 5/11/2013: Okay, so today I was defeated by the mighty IP v6 and its companion application restriction policy. I admit that 14 days exam prep was not enough for me. I will hit the books and study IP v6 and maybe try out a practice test. You are welcome to leave a comment with you experience with practice tests. You also welcome to leave a comment if you have something to add to this post.  

My first sponsor!

Wooo hooo, I got my first sponsor contract with Trainsignal, big thanks to Lora (@lora_not_laura) at Trainsignal for helping me with the “paper work”. And thank you Trainsignal.

Perf Charts service experienced an internal error in vCenter

After a long summer break I’m back with a new post 🙂 Today one of my customer got an error in vCenter performance monitor for all there hosts. “Perf Charts service experienced an internal error in vCenter message report application initialization is not completed successfully. retry in 60 seconds” So I found this KB from VMware that says you have to restart the VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices service. This did not help at first. Then I could see that the SQL Server Browser service was not running I then changed the startup type to Automatic and the started the service and then I restated the VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices service again. Now the performance monitor is working again! 🙂 If you have anything to add or just fund this usefull then pleas leave a comment below. Thanks!

Vmware Storage CLI Commands

This is a post on some of the Storage CLI commands you can use. I will try to updatedate this post as I finde more usefull ones. 
The ‘DF -h’ will list all the Filesytem, Size, Used, Availavle, Use % disk space on all your datastores
 The VFD -h will show you how much disk space is free the ESX(i) has free, this can be useful if you are going to update the ESXi installation.

Install Veeam Backup & Replication 7

This is a quick look at the Veaam B&R version 7 installation. The installation is very similar to the 6.x version.
First choose what to install
Next, if you do not have the .NET Framework version 4.0 the installer will help you with this.
Then click next to the Welcome message.
And accept the EULA and click next