Monitoring VMware with Azure OMS21. March 201716. March 2019Gert Kjerslev
Im using a Ubuntu server for my setup, there is no requirements for ubuntu linux, it just happens to be the one I’m most familiar with.

Setup syslog forwarding on ESXi Host

First step in setting up the Azure OMS VMware monitoring solution it to setup syslog forwarding from the ESXi host to the Linux “proxy”. This is done through the VMware Web client. Login to the Web client and navigate to -> Host -> Manage under the “Advanced Settings” you will find the “”. Click Edit and then you need to insert “tcp://ip-address-of-linux-server:1514” and click save.

Allow outbound traffic on ESXi host

Now it is time to allow outgoing syslog traffic from the ESXi host to the Linux box. This is also done from the web client. Navigate to the “Networking” section and under syslog select syslog and click the action button and then click enable.

Setup Linux “proxy” server (Ubuntu) Install OMS agent Installing the OMS agent is very easy. Login to the OMS portal and navigate to the settings. Under the “Connected Sources” select the “Linux servers”. Click the copy button under the “DOWNLOAD AND ONBOARD AGENT FOR LINUX”. Next logon to the linux server via ssh and paste in the commandline you just copied and hit enter.
Setup inbound firewall
Viewing data in Azure VMware Monitoring solution

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