Installing Brocade FC offline bundles in ESXi 528. August 201224. February 2013Gert Kjerslev
Today I had to install a Brocade FC HBA on a IBM System x server, at a customer site. It turns out that VMware did not include the HBA driver in the vSphere 5 update 1 install media. So I had to find the driver my self. Here is a quick guide how to install the Brocade offline bundle (and for that matter other offline bundles as well. First I downloaded the Brocade Offline bundle from the support site. Then I uploaded the .zip file to the /tmp folder on the VMware vSphere ESXi 5 host using WinSCP, remember to turn on SSH for this. Next I logged in to the ESXi host using putty. From the command line I typed esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/ this starts the installation. After it’s done I rebooted the host and after the boot I could see the HBA from my vSphere 5 client. All done. Hope this will help you.