Today I wanted to try out the new Nano server the comes with Windows ServerĀ® 2016 Technical Preview 4. The installation steps has been improved much sins I tried Nano server in TP 2. The detailed information on deploying at are good but I still had some problems setting up a Nano server VM on my Windows 10 in Hyper-v. First problem was the good old Execution Policies in Powershell. You need to allow RemoteSigned. To do that run this command “Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned”. Next problem was that I have a Windows 10 setup for Danish (dk-DK) keyboard and timezone, but not en-us as the default is in the “NanoServerImageGenerator.psm1”. In my case I got an error saying : The ‘da-dk’ directory does not exist in the ‘Packages’ directory (‘D:\NanoServer\Packages’). It is stated on the Getting started guide, some lines down that there is a -Language parameter (for example, -Language dk-DK) but on the Preview ISO there is only a en-us folder so you will have to use -Language parameter like eg : “New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath D:\ -BasePath .\Base -TargetPath .\Nano1\NanoServerVM.vhd -ComputerName Nano1 -GuestDrivers -Language en-us”