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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update comes with SSH build-in – Is putty dead?

 Today I found out that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (10.0.16299), come with a new optional feature, OpenSSH! To install this go to Settings App > Apps > Settings & Apps > Manage Optional Features > Add Feature and select the OpenSSH Client Beta. After installing you can type SSH in a command prompt to use SSH “native” in windows 10. Nice feature Microsoft. I will definitely use this, but I think that putty offers some other functionality that I cannot find in OpenSSH.

Installing Nano Server on non US windows

Today I wanted to try out the new Nano server the comes with Windows Server® 2016 Technical Preview 4. The installation steps has been improved much sins I tried Nano server in TP 2. The detailed information on deploying at are good but I still had some problems setting up a Nano server VM on my Windows 10 in Hyper-v. First problem was the good old Execution Policies in Powershell. You need to allow RemoteSigned. To do that run this command “Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned”. Next problem was that I have a Windows 10 setup for Danish (dk-DK) keyboard and timezone, but not en-us as the default is in the “NanoServerImageGenerator.psm1”. In my case I got an error saying : The ‘da-dk’ directory does not exist in the ‘Packages’ directory (‘D:\NanoServer\Packages’). It is stated on the Getting started guide, some lines down that there is a -Language parameter (for example, -Language dk-DK) but on the Preview ISO there is only a en-us folder so you will have to use -Language parameter like eg : “New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath D:\ -BasePath .\Base -TargetPath .\Nano1\NanoServerVM.vhd -ComputerName Nano1 -GuestDrivers -Language en-us”

Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool

Creating the media for a Windows 10 installations have never been easyer. You just have to download the Microsoft media creation tool from Microsoft and then choice installing on a USB or DVD/ISO file. You also have the option to upgrade the PC you are running the tool on.

To make a clean installation of Windows 10 I went with the old-school method of creating a ISO for burning on to at DVD.
First select if you want to install on the PC you are current on or another PC. MCT1
Then select Language, Edition (Home or Pro) and Architecture (32bit or 64bit or both). MCT2q  
 Now you will need to make the choice of USB or ISO. For USB you need a minimum 6GB stick on for a midia with both 32bit and 64bit you will need a dual layer DVD. MCT3  
 You will then have to wait for the bits to been downloaded. MCT4
 Lastly you can burn the ISO file to at DVD and you’re all done. 🙂 MCT5
 I hope you can use the mini guide and thanks for reading.