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vExpert 2013 announcement!

I have been awarded VMware vExpert 2013 status. For me to be recognized by VMware vExpert team is really a big honor. Thanks you all.
The annual VMware vExpert title is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the community of VMware users over the past year. The title is awarded to individuals (not employers) for their commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion for VMware technology above and beyond their job requirements.
A complete list of awardees can be found here. vmw_logo_vmware-expert

Failed to connect to VMware Lookup Service SSL certificate verification failed.

When installing the VCSA on a network with DHCP your VCSA will get an IP from the DHCP as it’s configured to use DHCP out-of-the-box. This however will give you some trouble down the road. If you start the confingur the VCSA with the DHCP IP you will get an error when trying to connect to the vSphere Web Client. Something like: Failed to connect to VMware Lookup Service https://:7444/lookupservice/sdk – SSL certificate verification failed. The VMware KB artikel 2033338 suggest that changing the certificate will do the trick. But I found that when you install the VCSA and boot it for the first time, disconnect the network will resulting in not IP for the VCSA 🙂 Then you can change the DHCP default to a static IP by logging in to the appliance (default user root and password vmware) and using /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net command to configuer the IP. After setting the static IP, Gateway ect. connect the VCSA to the network again. You can now go the http://your-vcsa-ip:5480 and start the config wizard and your vSphere web client will work!

Place an ESX Host into maintenance mode using the command line

Okay this is not new and you can find it all over the net, but for my own reference (and yours ) To enter maintenance mode use: vmware-vim-cmd /hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter To exit maintenance mode use: vmware-vim-cmd /hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit To check if a host is already in maintenance mode: vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/hostsummary|grep -i maintenance It will return : inMaintenanceMode = false

Micro review of the VMware vCloud: Design Best Practices course

Okay so the course is designed to guide you through the fases of designing a vCloud. That been sayed the book on the course are based on version 1.5 and there by out of date from the first day. Lucky for me the instructor (Bruce Watson) was up to speed on all 5.1 drifferenses in respect of vCloud design. All in all it was a okay course, it covert all the outlines that was listed, but not a must have for the VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Design (VCAP-CID). You will be better of reading the vCAT.